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All proceeds from the sales of Dr. Nice’s books supports the work of the non-profit humanitarian relief organization, Health and Education for Haiti. Learn more at hehonline.org.

NonPrescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding mother
NonPrescription Drugs for the Breastfeeding Mother by Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

In it’s second edition, this book provides easy-to-follow guidelines for making safe decisions for your clients about the use of OTC medications, herbals and dietary supplements.

$14.99 plus tax and shipping

Recreational drugs and drugs used to treat addicted mothers
Recreational Drugs and Drugs Used to Treat Addicted Mothers by Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP

Provides a rational framework that can successfully guide clinical decision making on the impact of certain drugs on pregnancy and breastfeeding.

$24.99 plus tax and shipping

The Galactagogue
recipe book
The Galactagogue Recipe Book by Frank J. Nice, RPh, DPA, CPHP & Myung H. Nice

Over 200 recipes featuring major and minor galactagogues-certain foods and herbs that likely increase prolactin or oxytocin to initiate the breastmilk letdown reflex, helping to increase production.

$47.99 plus tax and shipping

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