Gel Versus Lanolin for Sore Breastfeeding Nipples

Breastfeeding is indeed a gift.  In addition to serving as natural, readily available food, tailor-made for your baby, it allows you to take advantage of precious bonding time.  Thankfully, with the use of modern medicine, you can enjoy this gift free of pain! Still, as you shop for nipple creams and gels, many mothers are left wondering: what are the benefits of gel versus creams or lanolin for sore nipples?

Lanolin based products come from sheep’s wool, while peppermint gel in all natural and has natural healing properties.  For relief from sore, cracked nipples, turn to Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel, the only all-natural, vegan gel formulated by a world-renowned lactation consultant and pharmacology expert! 

The science has spoken.  A cooling, peppermint gel is the ideal cure for breastfeeding-related nipple pain!  Read on to learn more about the difference between gel versus lanolin, as well as what peppermint gel can do for you.

What is Lanolin?

To understand why gel is preferable by most lactation consultants, you should start with a clear understanding of what exactly makes up lanolin.

Lanolin is a specific type of wax that coats sheep’s wool, where it serves as a protective barrier.  A natural moisturizer, this waxy substance has become an incredibly popular ingredient in many lotions, soaps, and skincare products. While many waxes and petroleum products seal out up to 90% of water loss, lanolin is far milder, sealing about 30% instead. 

It is fairly effective in reducing water loss while not being too heavy, which is why some doctors have traditionally offered it as a cure to nipple pain. However, as time goes on, the risks associated with this animal-based product become more and more apparent, including allergic reactions. 

Benefits of Gel Versus Lanolin

While lanolin was the most common remedy for sore, cracked nipples, it’s fallen from popularity as mothers discover better alternatives.  Instead, trained doctors and lactation consultants recommend the use of gels, which may be safer and work more efficiently to heal and soothe breastfeeding-related pain.

Safe to Ingest

When ingested, nipple products containing lanolin can sometimes result in adverse reactions in a baby such as diarrhea, stomach pain, rashes, or even vomiting.  While these symptoms are usually mild, no parent wants to accidentally cause their baby pain on any level.

To avoid possible upset tummies in babies, mothers are advised to fully clean their nipples after applying lanolin-based products.  By contrast, peppermint gels are safe, allowing mothers to transition from application to breastfeeding without skipping a beat! A miniscule amount is applied and has been shown that as it is not ingest, there tends to be no impact to a moms milk supply.  

Dr. Nice’s moisturizing nipple gel is all-natural and completely vegan. Within ten seconds of application, the gel formula fills in the tiny cracks of your skin, sealing in moisture and locking out bacteria.  After the formula has dried, you can feel free to breastfeed, free from worry. 

Greater Results

While doctors once considered lanolin the most effective cure to breastfeeding-related nipple pain, gel is increasingly revealing itself as a far more helpful alternative in healing sore nipples and leading to long-term breastfeeding success.

In one significant trial, researchers divided 116 breastfeeding participants into three distinct groups: one given lanolin cream, one given peppermint gel, and one given a placebo product.  When the result poured in, the results were clear: peppermint gel was the most effective in sealing in cracks, protecting nipples, and giving them the time they needed to heal. 

With the power of Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel, you won’t have to wait to feel those soothing, healing effects.  Our product gets to work immediately, providing instant relief!

To feel these effects, start by placing our product in the refrigerator or cup of iced water for ten minutes.  Like magic, our thick gel will transform into a liquid, allowing you to easily apply the product where you need it most.  The cool gel will provide relief from the second it makes contact with your aching skin, and the peppermint causes a mild soothing thin protective barrier.  

A little goes a long way with this cooling gel.  If the product dries white, you may have used too much.  For maximum benefits, we recommend using this refrigerated gel method as frequently as necessary. 

Does the idea of that cold chill make you nervous?  No problem!  When applied at room temperature, our product works just as good. 

Final Thoughts

Breastfeeding shouldn’t be synonymous with cracked, sore nipples.  By investing in the proper, preventative products, you can enjoy this precious time with your baby, free of any pain!  When choosing gels over lanolin-based ingredients, choose Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel.  

This cooling, peppermint gel is made in the USA using just four simple, all-natural FDA-approved ingredients.  Our patented formula was made with the exact needs of both mother and baby in mind, allowing you to breastfeed free of any negative side effects.  

Any questions?  Check out our website to learn more and read reviews from real customers!



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