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Popular Sore Nipple Treatments and Remedies

The ability to breastfeed your newborn baby is truly a natural blessing. From the emotional benefits it provides to the health benefits to your baby’s immune system, there’s no doubt that breastfeeding is the ideal way to feed your baby and enjoy just another miracle associated with motherhood in the process.

By providing relief for your sore nipples, you can continue providing your baby with all the benefits of breastfeeding without suffering any unnecessary discomfort. Although there are a few remedies available at home, Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel is an ideal way to receive instant soothing and cooling relief and with healing properties for your sore nipples.

With the right, healing support, you’ll be able to enjoy breastfeeding your baby free of discomfort!  Read on to find how you can take advantage of amazing, safe options to help heal your sore nipples!

What Causes Sore, Cracked Nipples?

To understand how to heal your sore nipples, it may help to understand what causes them in the first place. Poor latching technique, excess moisture, and sheer volume of feedings can all lead to issues with breastfeeding. When your baby must work harder to obtain the milk they need to thrive, your sensitive skin and nipples are more likely to become chafed, cracked and sore. 

According to experts, 90 percent of all women report suffering from nipple pain. Because nipple pain is such a common side effect of breastfeeding, you shouldn’t feel guilty about seeking out the remedies you need to care for yourself!

At-Home Remedies

As you learn the ropes of breastfeeding, there are a few easy steps you can take to curve the pain you may be feeling. The best part is these natural remedies can be found right at home!

Fresh Breastmilk

There’s no question about the benefits breastmilk holds for your baby, but many mothers don’t realize that it can help you out as well! When you finish breastfeeding, don’t feel the need to immediately clean up. By allowing a bit of breastmilk to coat your sensitive nipples, you can protect yourself from infection and speed up the healing process!

Studies have shown that using breastmilk to treat your sore nipples leads to better, safer healing than products relying on lanolin. This breastmilk can fill in the microscopic cracks of your skin, sealing in moisture and blocking out the bacteria that could otherwise add an element of pain to the time you spend bonding with your baby. 

Aloe Vera

Another popular home remedy for nipple pain is aloe vera.  While breast milk is incredibly effective at blocking infection and speeding along the healing process, aloe vera gel provides the moisture and comfort necessary to soothe your pain.

In one randomized study, selected women suffering from nipple pain were asked to apply an aloe vera gel to their nipples after breastfeeding every day for ten days. The results were remarkable!  Nearly all the women reported feeling instant relief that only grew with time. BUT, you should remove and wipe off aloe vera before continuing to breastfeed. 

Ice Cubes

Another easy remedy any new mother can provide from home can be found right in your freezer: ice cubes.

Though the idea of applying ice cubes to your nipples may not be your idea of a fun time, this remedy will only remain uncomfortable for a few moments.  After your nipples have had time to adjust, this cooling relief should alleviate some of your pain, allowing you to nurse your baby without fear of him ingesting any potentially unsavory products.

Natural Gels

While these home remedies may provide some element of relief, you’re unlikely to find a single home remedy capable of doing it all. While aloe provides relief, you should remove it before feeding. Ice cubes help but are typically a short-term solution and don’t provide a protective barrier or healing properties.  Breast milk can help as well but again it is not the all-around solution.

If you’re consistently suffering from nipple pain, it’s time to try Dr. Nice’s all-natural moisturizing gel.

Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel for sore & cracked nipples is the only lanolin-free, vegan, water-based product that instantly soothes and cools nipples that have become sore, cracked, chapped, or chafed.

Recommended by lactation consultants worldwide, our patented formula has just four all-natural, FDA-Certified ingredients that are safe for both Mom and Baby, so there’s no need to wash off before breastfeeding.

Our patented product forms a protective layer over your nipple, locking in moisture and supplying a cooling relief that lasts.  This completely vegan formula is safe for your baby, meaning you can easily go straight from application to breastfeeding without missing a beat. A miniscule amount goes a long way.


Breastfeeding is an amazing gift for both mother and child, helping them regularly bond and foster a safe, loving environment.  With the help of Dr. Nice’s Moisturizing Gel, you’ll be able to make the most of every moment in this beautiful process!

By seeking out the help you need, you’ll be able to continue taking advantage of this gift without unnecessary nipple pain. Seeking out solutions isn’t a weakness; it’s the best option for both you and your new baby! Our gel also provides a great external barrier against diaper rash. 


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